Miles Montague worked in London as a valuer in the diamond industry in the 1980’s. His first thriller, Carbon Game,  is set during this period of great social upheaval, both in South Africa and Britain. His work taught him a great deal about the international diamond business. He has a deep interest in international politics and economics, and loves the challenge of complex plot and deep character creation required of thriller writing.  

He was born in Kenya and lived there until his family, like many other colonials, returned to England in the mid 1960s.  He can still remember, as a young boy, watching the severe storm at sea when they rounded the South African coast on their way home and the swimming pool almost emptying of water as the liner lurched to the battering of waves. This gave him a love of nature and drama. So it is no surprise that today, he is turning a rundown, hilltop Italian wine-producing property into a sanctuary for nature where he can watch the storms rolling in and writing his second thriller, which is also partially set in Africa.